Annotation placement, vertical alignment Center, Snap to point

06-25-2012 01:39 AM
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Hi! Still in arcgis 10.1 you can not create Annotation from features with Center verticalalignment. The Problem is when we rotate in illustrator the annotations moves wrong. And we can not change to center after we create the annotation in arcmap because they move from the points from they were created.

so the question is, After I changed the annotations to Center vertical alignment, is there ANY way to snap annotations to the points or change to center without moving the annotations?

The workaround I have used before (We always need center verticalalignment) is to create annotation ABOVE ex. Line and then afterwards change to center, but it does not work with points that is rotated because they all move differently.

Why can I not choose center when i create annotation? is there any reason for this? Center must be the type that is used most?

for the moment I am just glad if there is any solution for this, script or toolbox.

I want the annotation to be place exactly at the points 🙂
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