Adjusting Road segments, network analyst route will not work with new fixes.

10-10-2012 10:02 AM
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I am editing the ramps in Marion, Illinois on the I57 Rte 13 interchanges. The ramps from I57 onto Rte13 used to merge on and now they come to a stop. So I began editing the roads feature class in my network dataset, edited the vertices, deleted a few and snapped the last one to Rte13. As seen on the image, the ramps that are selected in blue on the west side of the interchange are what I have made edits to. The other merging ramps on the east side of the intersection are the "old" ones (FYI-They have completely done away with the 4 leaf clover ramps here). So I have snapped the I57 ramp segment to a Rte13 segment, built the network dataset and in doing so junctions were formed at the new intersection locations. However when i make a new route using the Network Analyst an error comes up saying "Warning: No route from location "Graphic Pick 1" to location "Graphic Pick 2".
Error: No solution found."

So my question is.....Why wont it route this new path? There are no restrictions, limitations, rules or anything in place.

I have had a similar problem adding a turn lane to a intersection. Because Navteq does not account for turn lanes I had to add one in. I did the same steps as mentioned above and built the network dataset with junctions and all but it still won't route through this segment.

Please comment on what I could adjust to get them to route correctly.
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