adding toolboxes and scripts

05-18-2012 10:49 AM
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Hi all,
I am trying to add new toolboxes (I dowloaded from ESRI) as well as create some custome toolboxes and scripts. When I'm in ArcCataglog, I go to add new toolbox, but the dialog box won't allow me to create a new toolbox. It always says, "failed to create toolbox". Also, I've tried adding custom scripts in the toolbox window, but they are all greyed out.

Do I have a setting turned off?

Thanks and I'm on 10.0, desktop.
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Are you trying to add a downloaded or custom toolbox to your "My Toolboxes" folder?

If so, in ArcCatalog, you can navigate to where you downloaded them, copy the toolbox, and paste them to your "My Toolboxes" folder.

Also, I am not sure what you mean by the "toolbox window".

From what you are describing it sounds like you are trying to add toolboxes to the system toolboxes, which you cannot do. You must create your own toolbox somewhere on disk and reference that.
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