Adding an external field value in a Model Builder calculation

12-30-2014 09:26 AM
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I need to use the results of a geoprocessing workflow in a separate GP workflow calculation. I ran a TABLE_SELECT to create a table containing the required input values from the first GP model (top line of image below). I then wanted to use the GET_FIELD_VALUE function to extract the required value from the table and use this value in the CALCULATE_FIELD function of the second GP model (second line of image below). However, it does not "see" the field to be able include it in the calculation expression. I cannot find a way to  do this this. Any ideas? Thanks very much.


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If you're trying to write an expression for a field before that field exists, you can manually pre-create the field in the table and it will show up in your tool window. If you've already run your model you can add it to the appropriate table, or else pre-create the table with the needed field.


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Hi Scott,

Thanks very much for your reply to my query regarding a Model Builder calculation. The first GP model actually creates an output table with the required fields so there is a table to be read. What I am not sure of is how to get the CALCULATE FIELD operation that is in the second, separate GP model to read this table and include one of the fields of the first GP model output in it’s expression? If I try and connect the output table to the CALCULATE FIELD Operator it only sees it as a precondition but does not read the actual table. Any ideas on this?

Thanks again.

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