Add information that repeats on one point?

03-01-2015 06:00 PM
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Is there any way I could add information that repeats on one point, again and again without deleting any previously recorded data from this point feature?   I am currently running ArcGIS Desktop Advance 10.1

For example:   Bird habitat at same location over weeks, months and years.   All data being collected at this location using point feature class, but don't want to add new point every time I collect new data at this same location.

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You could create a table to store this information and then use a Relate to link it to the point feature class.

For example, something like this:

Habitat (point feature class)

- Shape

- HabitatId

- other fields...

Sightings (table)

- HabitatId

- SpeciesName

- CommonName

- DateObserved

The Sightings table could be related to the Habitat feature class using a common field HabitatId.

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I will give this a shot and will update you the status.   Thank you so much for the informative info, Owen.

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