50 metters fillter betwwen points of 2 layers

12-04-2014 11:17 PM
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Hi all,

Please someone help me with this

I am using Arcmap 9.3.1 and vba macro

i have some point in a layer and a lot of point on second  layer(aprox. 700.000 point)

I need to fiilter this point with this condition

Calculate the distant near  from each point  in first layer to each point in second layer

When done this calculate the distance from each point to each point in second layer

Make the condition inf the point from layer 1 distance is 50 metters  to point from second layer mark 1

but i need more :If the distance from point second layer is 50 move on until the distance from the previson point to next point is no more 50 metters .So also mark this as 1 and if not mark as 0.But doing all this in vba macro for Arcmap

The picture bellow shows what i mean


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