4 and 3 way intersections, different street names

07-01-2011 07:41 AM
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I need to create a point for each cobination at the intersection, 1 point I have in the data, I need to add 5 or 2 records for a 4 way and 3 way intersection respectively.

4 way intersection  - 6 points total  (need to add 5 points-records)
3 way intersection - 3 points total   (need to add 2 points, or records)

I have identified the 4 way and 3 way intersections in the county (Int_Type), these intersections have different street names. Here is a 4 way intersection example:

X                  Y              Street A          Street  B         Street C         Street D          Int_Type
2559942      333812         Pine st            Poplar st         Oak st            Maple st          4 way

What I need is:

X                  Y          Street A          Street B          Street C         Street D               Int_Type
2559942      333812     Pine                 Poplar                                                           4 way
2559942      333812     Pine                 Oak
2559942      333812     Pine                  Maple
2559942      333812     Poplar               Oak
2559942      333812     Poplar               Maple
2559942      333812     Oak                  Maple

I first need to add records under the 4 and 3 way intersections. I am trying to break this into steps, I am looking into model builder. I also have X Y coordinates that need to be populated into the new record points. If I can create the empy records and populate the coordinates I will obtain an object ID - I could export the table and complete the steps in excel and then join.. I would really like to automate this process. Please help..:confused: Thanks!
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