Meetup 1.2017 - GeoIntelligence

03-23-2017 08:05 AM
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Fellow geogeeks.

Many thanks again for another great geodev meetup at Werk1 in Munich. Our topic this time was geointelligence and my thanks go especially out to the 3 great speakers and their inspiring talks. Attached, you find the corresponding slide decks. Also, I have uploaded a couple of photos to our meetup group.

Our next meetup will take place June 21st, again at Werk1. Please save the date. And as always: Please let me know in case you want to share your work with us.

See you soon again.


1. Allover – unlocking location-based context for publisher content

Max Gutscher, Co-Founder

A problem of most content is the time-based context it’s published in, which rapidly makes it inaccessible (and lose its value). Allover has developed an integrated process and platform to automate the Geo-Organization and Geo-Distribution of content from big-data sources like publishers archives – making content re-accessible where it’s relevant, at any time. At the moment Allover is piloting its first product – a smart Location Discovery Widget – together with Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich. Max is going to give you insights on the idea evolved to this stage, which challenges the project was/is facing, and how location can change the way we discover content.

2. EineStadt - A digital asset management system  for local authorities

Michael Lodes, Software Engineer

EineStadt – OneCity. An NFC based software and hardware solution designed to improve asset management processes with public administrations.Our solution simplifies object digitalization and automates communication between various internal and external stakeholders by providing harmonized data input for all departments. Improved control and feedback mechanisms, as well as keeping things simple – user-friendliness is the focus of our software.  EineStadt generates double profit for public administrations – it involves the residents in the monitoring process and creates the feeling of being part of the community.


3. Cleverciti Systems - Powerful sensor technology for on-street parking detection and management

Maximilian Venhofen, Business Affairs Manager

Cleverciti brings together all aspects of parking management technology in one integrated system — from overhead sensors to mobile apps, management software and analytics. With our system and sensor technology for smart on-street and open-air parking, we aim to reduce search traffic and CO2 emissions, and help solve some of the most urgent challenges facing cities today.

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