Why are the Coded Value Domain changes not sticking?

10-10-2018 07:21 AM
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In a Database Server geodatabase we have encountered an issue where coded domain values updated during an ArcMap session are not maintained when closing and reopening the program.  Has anyone come across this issue before.  I know that the software version could be an issue.  ArcMap 10.5 and Database Server 10.5 with SQL ServerExpress.

I'd like to know if this is a know bug with 10.5 or if there is a way to find log files for the Database Server that would reference a locked table or corrupted files pointing to a SQL Server Express issue.


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Hi Richard,

I am not sure if you still have the same issue. If not, then you can reply with your solution and close this thread.

We did not see any known issue on domain values.

If the reported issue still observed then please provide a sample to test and editing workflow. Also send us screen capture of value not changing or it is null or it is going back to previous value.

Please note that SQL Server express only supports personal and workgroup  geodatabase.



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Hi Biraja,

I've since changed companies/jobs and am not working with SQL Server Express anymore.  I am unable to provide an example.

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