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Which logfile configuration should be used

02-28-2022 08:42 PM
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I can not decide which logfile config I should use, Shared, Session or Pool of log files. I have a database server that is accessed by Desktop user and Web user. They do editing to.

The web user edits feature class via Feature Service and web map. They use 1 account for multiple users. Whereas the Desktop user using their own account. So I have a mix.

If I read the definition here,i feel i fall between 2 categories : Shared and Session.

Currently I am using Shared Log. But, maybe, by changing the log file I can increase the performance. 

How can I choose the "correct" one ? Based on what decision ?



[ArcGIS Pro, EGDB  10 oracle 12c]



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Hello @yockee ,

I wanted to share a couple of other Esri resources related to log file configuration with Oracle database. The first is a technical article related to resolving a performance issue that can occur using the default shared logfile configuration. The second is a help document with in-depth description of the different types. It has sections about "When you want to use" or "When you don't want to use" a particular configuration setting. Hopefully, these will give you more information to help you decide.

Link: Slow performance making large selections from SDO_Geometry feature classes in ArcMap

Link: Log file configuration options



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Thanks Mike,

I have actually read the articles about log. That's why i have confusion in choosing the mode. So I guess, for a mix conditions, choosing the mode is more like trial and error.
Anyway, I will try each one of them and see which works best.


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