When will PostgreSQL 10 be supported?

06-14-2018 12:32 PM
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We are moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL for the next release of an application we are starting.  Our developers have started testing PostgreSQL 10 but we realized that Esri Enterprise doesn't support it yet.  We also realized that the AWS AMIs use PostgreSQL 9.5.3 rather than PostgreSQL 9.6.3.  Do the Esri developers have a timeline for when the newer releases of PostgreSQL will be supported?  We will be starting the GIS part of our application later this year and it would be nice to start on the latest available PostgreSQL version, if possible. 

Thank you.

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These kind of questions will be best answered by Esri Tech Support and not the community members.

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I agree, mostly, but why not have Esri get more engaged and shared this kind of information on GeoNet.  And honestly, I doubt Esri Support has a definitive answer, much less official.

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Hello Brandi,

  This is Rex with Support Services. We expect PostgreSQL 10.3 supportability to begin with the upcoming 10.6.1 / Pro 2.2 releases. I hope this is helpful!