Could not find method 'starea'

06-18-2018 08:21 AM
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I have been digging through my ArcGIS server logs attempting to clean up errors, and have noticed a consistent error that I'm not entirely sure how to solve.

Geodatabase error: Underlying DBMS error [[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Could not find method 'starea' for type 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.SqlGeometry' in assembly 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Types'] [{DB}.{LayerName}].

The error is occurring on a few different services, which tells me it's not just one layer causing the error, rather is could be a few. It's certainty not on every service I have on the server, so it does seem to be semi-isolated. 

The layers that seem to be causing it are all polygon feature classes (makes sense with starea). I recognize the error isn't on ArcGIS server (just where it is being displayed), rather coming from SQL Server.

Any guidance, prior experiences or assistance would be greatly appreciated!




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What is the version of all the software involved? SQL including what SP and CU level, GIS Server, SDE, how was the service published, did this happen recently after publishing or after editing? Recent windows update? What is the storage type (geom or geog)? Can you download the underlying feature classes to a FGDB and run check geometry? What happens when you reorganize the spatial index? Can you do a spatial query on the layer in SSMS and does it return results? I have two suspicions: corrupt geometry, or corrupt SQL. You hope its just geometry....

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