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02-14-2022 11:31 AM
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Is anyone experiencing the behavior below?  ArcCatalog performs the following task just fine.

Scenario: In ArcGIS Pro (currently 2.9.1), I right-click a feature class in an enterprise geodatabase (logged in as the class' owner and dbo), and select Locks from the context menu.  I right-click a lock in the list and select View User.

Expected behavior: I should be taken to the Connections tab and the User row in question should be highlighted.

Actual behavior: I am taken to the Connections tab and no rows are highlighted.

I suppose I can script this, but the UI should be sufficient for us.


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Using my Geodatabase Administrator connection file (sde), I right-click the *.sde file and click Properties.  In the Database Properties UI, click Connections followed by "Show connected users and locks."  In the Connections/Locks UI, select Locks and find/select the lock of interest.  Right-click on the lock and select View User.  The UI switches to Connections highlighting the user's lock connection in the UI.  Would this work for you?

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Thank you for your reply.  Your suggested workflow gets me to the same place, yet in a different manner, as I described in the original post.  Yet the behavior is the same: I get taken to the Connections tab and no user is highlighted.  This is still occurring after recently upgrading to ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2.

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@DirtDogRoj - this sounds like it is the same as the following enhancement (equivalency from ArcMap). I would suggest you contact support and get linked to this. 


ENH-000139001 - Please Allow Pro to Select/Highlight the Associated Connection When User Selects 'View User' Under the Locks Tab in Geodatabase Administration

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