Vertical CRS for Microsoft Geometry

04-05-2018 02:30 AM
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In SQL Server you can create tables with geometry embedded (point,line, polygon).the geometry can be populated using the STPointFromText ( 'point_tagged_text' , SRID )  function.

We can then create also geometry with Z values parsing  X Y Z values in the function.

But it looks tome that there is only the Horizontal CRS that can be defined (SRID , 4326 for ex).

The Vertical CRS (MSL , epsg:5714 for ex) can not be defined in the Microsoft Geometry storage ?

Same for the Query Layer in ArcGIS, only the Horizontal CRS can be defined or extracted ?


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The list of horizontal and vertical coordinate systems supported is listed here...

other references to producing a custom vertical coordinate system bring you to arcobjects help files

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This is not the list I am after, I know how to get to the ESRI supported Horizontal and Vertical CRS.

And that ArcCatalog can associate one of these to a Feature Class.

My question is really about getting an answer if the Microsoft Geometry format can handle a parameter to specify the Vertical reference system (like MSL) of a feature stored in it when using the T-SQL function STPointFromText ( 'point_tagged_text' , SRID ) .

Because when you create a Query Layer in ArcGIS , there is no dialog to specify the Vertical reference of a 3D data set stored in SQL Server database , I can only specify the Horizontal CRS.

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