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Upgrading Oracle Client to 19c

07-07-2021 08:45 AM
New Contributor III

We are in the process of updating our Oracle 11g client to Oracle 19c on all our workstations and servers.  Currently when we create an .sde connection file using our tnsnames alias the connections property reflects the Oracle 11g client.


After uninstalling the 11g client and installing the 19c client and updating the PATH environment variable the connections seem to work with 19c, but the properties still reflect 11g. 

Should the connection properties be updated? 

If so what are the best steps to do so?

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Esri Frequent Contributor

If you are putting just the TNS name (OD068) in the Instance field, you should be good.

I know in previous releases, that it appended the "sde:oracle11g:" to the TNS name entered (legacy thing). I do not remember there being any issues per se, but that was a few years ago and pre-19C.

--- George T.
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Esteemed Contributor

You should be fine with the sde:oracle11g in the connection string.  My org did thorough testing in this area and SDE data still works as expected.