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08-11-2014 09:24 AM
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I decided to implement the APDM (http://apdm.net/), a model for pipelines.


I have been reading the documentation of the version 6.0, and one of the main characteristics is the module segmentation this version provides. Encouraged by the fact of make a clean brand new implementation, I decide to dig in the visio models.


I was going to star defining the objects in the Core module, but then I realize that it requires the domains due the type of data involved. I search for a detailed walkthrough about this implementation process, but so far I have not find it.


So I decided to start just guided by my guts.


in the process to define the domains I found that ArcCatalog allows me to create domains, but this domains are build by keyValue pairs (value-description); in other hand the definition of this domains in the APDM states that some of them has more fields than just  a value and a description, so...here start the real adventure. How do I implement this domains?


First I try to force the Create domain tool to do it, but it  did not allow me, so then I try the TableToDomain tool. this tool allows me to create the domain, but it does not "extend" the domain concept, it just extract the values for the Value Field and Description Field.


I get a little confused how to implement that components of the model. Any suggestion is welcome.

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