Topology error id: 138?

09-04-2015 09:51 AM
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I wanted to check if two line features intersect with each other, so I imported them into an dataset and built topology. But when I tried to validate the topology rule, I got an error warning which said: Validate Topology Failed. [error id: 138]

Although I got all intersections using alternative way, I still want to know what cause this error 138 and how to fix it, I can't find any answer among the Internet, if you know anything, please help me!

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Dear Xingbo

Have you followed same procedure mentioned in the below link

Creating a geodatabase topology to clean up data errors

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I think this happens with large datasets... I've been able to get around this error by validating the topology incrementally using the 'Validate Topology at Current Extent' tool (on the topology toolbar) at a few different locations/extents