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07-15-2015 06:33 AM
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Hi, I need to know what quota I need to give to tablespace.s I'm migrating from sdebinary to st_geometry and I'm having problema with the tablespace size. I have read that I need to grant UNLIMITED TABLESPACE to SDE on migration, but after the migration what quota do the SDE need?

I'm using Oracle and ArcGIS 10.1.

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What is the problem you are having with tablespace size?  Do you see a particular error?  If so, please share it with us. 

UNLIMITED TABLESPACE to SDE is a grant that is given to the SDE admin for geodatabase creation and upgrades just to ensure there is enough space.  It can be revoked after these operations.

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You should not ever have any spatial data in the SDE tablespace (it should be exclusively reserved for geodatabase metadata tables), so the quota on SDE should not in any way be impacted by geometry storage migration.

I would not recommend in-situ geometry migration (the process does significant damage to the base table [through fragmentation and high water mark creep]).  If you need to recreate the tables for performance reasons, then you might as well create new tablespaces to manage them as neatly as possible (provide for storage increase by setting a quota 50% larger than the previous usage, then reducing it when the smoke clears.

Another recent thread discussed this same issue, so I recommend you review the spatial defragmentation recommendation as well.

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