Table editable in ArcGIS Pro and Not ArcMap

11-22-2019 11:04 AM
New Contributor

I have a registered non-spatial table on our enterprise geodatabase (version 10.7) that I'm unable to edit using ArcMap 10.7, but am able to edit using ArcGIS pro 2.4. When a user attempts to insert a new record into this table from the attribute table in ArcMap by typing into an empty cell, ArcMap appears to try to commit the edit after the first key stroke, which causes the underlying database (SQL Server) to return a Foreign Key error.

We do not experience this error when inserting records into this table the same way in ArcGIS Pro. Dropping and re-creating the table will allow me to edit this table for a period of time in ArcMap, but it will eventually go back to being uneditable.

Has anybody else here experienced problems similar to this?

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