SDE Geometry Storage Defaults/Configuration Keyword

09-02-2016 12:29 PM
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In the DBTUNE table I'm attempting to change the default value for Geometry Storage to SDE binary. Hopefully, this will allow me to just use defaults as I move data to this geodatabase from others.

I've set GEOMETRY_STORAGE to SDEBINARY, but layers I'm copying over are still Geometry Spatial Type.

What am I missing??

SQL Server 2014, ArcSDE 10.3.1.

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So I finally my own question and thought I'd update the thread. This applies to: ArcGIS for desktop 10.6.1 and SQL 2014.

To change Configuration Keywords which controls storage defaults:

1. Export dbtune using the Export Geodatabase Configuration Keywords tool in ArcToolbox.

2. Make a copy of dbtune

3. In a text editor, open the file you just exported and look for "GEOMETRY_STORAGE."

4. Change the value to SDEBINARY to make SDEBINARY the default storage for the database and save your changes.

5. Using the Import Geodatabase Configuration Keywords tool, import the modified DBTUNE back to the DB.

6. Test the changes by adding a new feature class and/or copy and pasting a feature class to see if the default is indeed SDEBINARY.

Note that SDEBINARY is going away and tools to create and manage Views are no longer provided with ArcGIS for Desktop. You'll have to go and download the command line tools for Arc 10.2.2 to manage views on SDEBINARY databases.

Adapted from ESRI help documentation: