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SDE full compress not posting all Delta records to default

09-30-2020 05:00 AM
Regular Contributor

Good morning,

We are working in ArcSDE 10.7 SQL server and when we run a full compress on a database with versioned feature classes, we do not see all the records in the Default table when we query these FC (tables) with a SDE view or in SQL Server. It looks like they stay in the Delta tables.

Is there a way to force in a full compress to write these Delta records to Default (Base Tables)?

Thank you

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Take a look at this blog; 

There are usually reasons for the compress not "flushing out" the delta tables.

Do you have replicas?

Are you reconciling all the versions after posting edits?

   This gets them all looking at the same state

--- George T.
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