Can I edit a file geodatabase while other users read/view it ERROR 000224?

09-24-2020 09:35 AM
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Is there way to edit data within a file geodatabase while other user read/view data only. I deployed a file geodatabase and other users view the data but my process scripts can not edit the data and gives me ERROR 000224 cannot acquire a lock.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

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Oguz Sariyildiz‌,

You can edit feature classes in a file geodatabase while other users can only view or read data.

you can share a file geodatabase folder as read-only with Windows Explorer. In this case, the read-only user can display and query but not edit the data. Also, users with write access can modify the data while others are reading it. When those reading the data refresh their map display, any changes saved by other users are updated in the ArcGIS client session of the reading user. Refresh never brings in unsaved edits, so it is not possible for a user to read changes made by another user that have not been saved. If you want to prevent other users from accessing data while you are editing it, unshare the folder before modifying the data.

for more information, refer to the link below:

File geodatabases and Windows Explorer—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

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Yes, I found this information but also I heard this method cut the performance about half. Moreover, I have to deal with IT guys. If I have no other options I might give a try. Thanks for posting the information.

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