Restrict the geometry of a Feature Class

06-29-2017 09:56 PM
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ArcMap 10.5.1

Hi there I know that we can create feature templates to restrict the type of polygon we can create.

(ie Circle, Rectangle, Freehand)

What if I want to create a tempate where only a 100m radius circle can be created?

Is this possible? - From the documentation it doesnt appear so but be interested to hear what others have done

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I am not sure if this can be achieved programmatically.

However, I might have a potential solution / workaround for you. So here goes nothing. Use the simple Point as a template and create the data with the required schema and once the edits are made you can run the Buffer tool with 100m as buffer distance.

Refer: Buffer—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 


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I think you mean this link Creating a buffer around a feature—Help | ArcGIS Desktop   the will prevent create new output, and will edit in the template itself.

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Good idea, Shantonu. If you wanted to carry that one step further you could create a Python Addin Application Extension that buffers the points everytime you save edits:

Extension class—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

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There is no way to get circle template with fixed radius. But make one circle with 100 meter radius Then copy and paste everywhere you want I think it is not difficult. Or follow  Shantonu Sarkar 's  answer create points in center of circles and use Buffer tool in Edit toolbar and select polygon template. (as the picture)