Remove Orphaned Records from Geodatabase

09-01-2021 09:15 AM
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Hi, The Records are always stays in Delta tables and they are not removed from Delta tables after Compress.

We have a feature dataset with topology enabled with certain rules on it. Whenever we enabled topology on feature dataset, The feature dataset should be enabled as "Registered as versioned". The users are editing on SDE.Default version directly without creating any child version on it. Whenever we edit feature classes in that feature dataset, it created records in 'A' Table. I am doing daily compress or full compress. The records stays in 'A' Tables and not removed from delta tables. I unregistered all Replicas and tried. the issue is still the same. What I need to do  for Full compress to remove all Orphaned records? I am using ArcGIS pro 2.8 

and ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 












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not sure if this will help you in your scenario, but i have found that all users (other than the administrator connection doing the compress) must be disconnected from the database in order for the records to be moved from the delta tables and pushed into the base tables when the compress is performed.

If any other users are still connected to the database it will only perform a partial compress and it will not push the delta tables to the base tables.

we do not edit in the sde.Default (each editor has it's own version). But i would suspect the compress would still act the same way. Not really sure though, because i assume you do not need to reconcile and post your edits when the edits are being done in the sde.default version.

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I disconnected all users from geodatabase and uncheck the option. and did compress. still data exists in  Delta tables




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Those versions in the table are related to the replicas. I wonder if they did not get cleaned up correctly.  Here is a blog that talks about getting a fill compress;

You may want to contact technical support and work with an analyst on getting this cleaned up.

Until those "sync_" versions are removed the edits will stay in the delta tables.

--- George T.