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Relationship classes between feature classes and tables

10-06-2014 02:24 PM
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I am trying to create a relationship class between a feature class and a non-spatial table so that when I create a new feature in the feature class a new entry in the table is created automatically. I can make a relationship class between the two but the table only seems to be affected when I delete a feature and does nothing when I create a new one. Am I missing something here or is this not a function of the relationship class?

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I presume its a geodatabase table (non spatial) and not excel from your description. Could you tell what is the cardinality of RC (1-1, M-M)?

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Hi Duncan,

You'll have to customize to achieve to achieve this functionality. Refer ArcGIS Help (10.2, 10.2.1, and 10.2.2) .

If your feature class and destination table are in Enterprise Geodatabase, then easiest option would be using insert trigger on your source feature class to create records in your destination table.