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Permissions required for ArcGIS Server and attribute rules

07-21-2019 07:28 PM
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Hi there,

We have an ArcGIS Server install that accesses feature classes in our enterprise geodatabase using a windows domain account.  The account is explicitly given permissions on feature classes using ArcCatalog. The db is registered as a data store in Server Manager using an OS authenticated connection.  We also have a data owner account with its own schema and an SDE user/schema as per normal.  

I am encountering an issue when trying to publish services (and edit in a web app) that use a database sequence to generate a unique ID as per

I create the database sequence using the GIS data owner, but this is not immediately available to the ArcGIS Server user.  There doesn't appear to be a way to give the ArcGIS Server user permissions on it in Arc-anything.  

When I try and edit the service with the attribute rule the edits fail with an error saying the db sequence could not be found.

I have tried to give read permissions on the sequence to the ArcGIS Server user in SQL server manager, but this doesn't seem to help. Maybe I am doing it wrong.

If I register a connection to the db in ArcGIS Server manager using the gis data owner account and publish the service using that connection then everything works as I would expect, the edits work and the ID is automatically incremented.

so, tldr: do we have to publish services with attribute rules that use sequences from a data owner connection, and if not, how do we give the ArcGIS Server user the correct permissions on the sequence so the attribute rule works?



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