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Ora 00001: unique constraint (SDE.R5_SDE_ROWID_UK) violated. SDE.GDB_Item Relationships

07-03-2017 02:00 AM
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Hi all, 

I am currently trying to create a new feature class in my Oracle SDE geodatabase and I get this error: "Underlying DBMS error[Ora 00001: unique constraint (SDE.R5_SDE_ROWID_UK) violated] [SDE.GDB_Item Relationships]". 

I have tried to align the sequences following these steps:

1) check from table TABLE_REGISTRY the REGISTRATION_ID of SDE.GDB_Item Relationships table by issuing the query "SELECT REGISTRATION_ID FROM TABLE_REGISTRY WHERE TABLE_NAME = 'GDB_ITEMRELATIONSHIPS'". the query returned 5.

2) I moved forward the sequence SDE.R5 till value > the maximum value of the objectid of GDB_ITEMRELATIONSHIPS.

3) In ArcCatalog i tried to create again a feature class without succeding. it returned the same error.

Any advice? 

Thanks in advance, 


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Hello Filippo,

 Is this the workflow you followed to check and advance the sequence? Error: Underlying DBMS error (ORA-00001: Unique constraint (SDE.GDB_OC_PKC) violated) 

Alternatively, can you try creating a dummy table in Oracle through SQL Plus with the same user / schema that you are attempting to use to create a new feature class in ArcMap / Catalog? Just something simple like:

CREATE TABLE <your_feature_class_name>(id int);

Then, refresh your connection in Catalog and see if this new table appears in the gdb table of contents. If it does, delete it through Catalog- then re-try creating the feature class in Catalog. I'm wondering if there was once a FC with this name and it has become orphaned in some of the gdb repository system tables. I hope this helps!


Rex R