Error exporting data from a feature class to shapefile

05-04-2017 02:56 PM
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Good evening to ALL!

Does anybody got similar errors below in RED collor? And how did you solve then? Please help me ...

I did try to export data from a feature class to a shapefile - a very simple operation but I couldn't complete it.

I am using a ArcMap 9.3 with Oracle Spatial x ArcSDE.

Data Type: SDE Feature Class
User: VVVV
Instance: 5151
Description: Instance default version.
Feature Class: IDAFGEO.GEO_AVN
Feature Type: Simple
Geometry Type: Polygon

1. Error exporting data.
A polygon outer shell does not completely enclose all donuts for the part [IDAFGEO.GEO_AVN]

2. Error exporting data.
Linestring or poly boundary is self-intersecting [IDAFGEO.GEO_AA]

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It appears as though you have some invalid geometries within your Oracle enterprise feature classes. Ordinarily, this would be fixed by exporting to shapefile of fgdb feature class and then run the check or repair geometry GP tools. However- as this seems to be problematic (at least for shapefile)- I would try the following to identify the invalid polygon geometries:

1) Try exporting to file geodatabase feature class instead of shapefile. 

2) If this still fails- perhaps try a copy / paste from the Oracle gdb to a file geodatabase in order to migrate the data or even export / import XML. 

3) Hopefully, one of these methods will work, and you can then run the check and / or repair geometry tools.

4) If all else fails, you might have to analyze the data manually for issues- is this a large polygon feature class with many features?

5) Since self-intersections seem to be an issue- could you try creating a topology with a must not intersect rule- validate, and see if this detects an issue? Not sure if this would work or not as it's ideally meant to check relationships between features- but might be worth a try. 

ArcGIS Desktop Help 9.2 - check geometry (data management) 

Hopefully, this is helpful if you are still encountering these issues. 


Rex R