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Obtain Globalids From Another Table

06-09-2021 09:11 AM
Occasional Contributor II

I have a standalone table that has an id field named "media_table_id".  I also have a feature class that has an id field with those same values and it has a globalid field.  I would like to be able to populate my standalone table with the globalid's from the feature class, where the id's match and contains 'tbl_flare_ends" from the layername field in the standalone table. 

Would I need to write an sql to do this?  Something like:  standalone.media_table_id = feature_class.id_field WHERE standalone.layername = 'tbl_flare_ends' ?  Or would I have to do some type of join to populate globalid values that match the criteria?

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This sounds like a simple definition query on the standalone table, then a join back to the feature class on your media_table_id field and a field calculation to do the population.


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