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Multiple "Default.gdb" being created

08-07-2019 05:54 AM
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I am using ArcMap 10.7 and I am running into an error which says, "Unable to create or open the default database. This error is due to one of the following conditions:

Insufficient disk space

Insufficient or incorrect access to: C:\Users|....\Documents\ArcGIS

Invalid or Corrupt installation of MSXML

For additional information on this error and possible resolution please see Knowledge Base article KB38523"

I have searched that KB number but the solutions did not solve my problem.  I encounter the error when I have been using the software for a few hours, while using an account created for students at my school.  Suddenly the error appears when I try to 1) execute a tool from ArcToolbox, or 2) Add Data using the Add Data button.

When I look in the specified folder (from the error message), I see not one, but 11 "Default.gdb" files.  Each one has a suffix of _1, _2, _3, etc.

Sometimes I can delete the extra Default.gdb files, other times I cannot. 

I only encounter this problem when I use an account that has been created for a student in my school.  When I use my own account (my instructor) account, I never run into this issue.  Is there some specific "hidden" permission that must be in place in order to eliminate this error.   

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