Moving features between versions of a Branch versioned Feature Class

06-08-2020 10:11 PM
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Hi there,

Is it technically possible to move (not re-creating the features & then deleting) features between versions of a Branch versioned Feature Class?

The scenario is this.

  • Version A - Has Features A, B, C, D & E
  • Create Version B
  • Get Feature A, C & E from Version A and move to Version B
  • Version A - Only has Features B & E with no sign of Feature A, C & E ever existed
  • Version B - Only has Features A, C & E with no sign of them being moved (eg. mimic that they were only ever created within this version)

At the moment, all I can think is to insert new features within Version B and copying all the attribute values across with the next steps of deleting those copied features from Version A.

Thank you for any time with this.

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Hi Anthony,

Unfortunately it is not possible to "move" features between versions. 

You could reconcile/post Version A to Default, and then reconcile the edit into Version B; however, this means the edits would be present in all versions including the Default version.

To achieve your exact goal, you will have to follow the workflow you already described; which is to create a new feature in Version B and update the attributes. Or, something that might be a little easier would be to have two maps open simultaneously -  map1 with Version A, and map2 with Version B, at which you should be able to copy/paste your features between versions. There will still be a history of the features in Version A however.

Can I ask why you are looking to complete this specific workflow?

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