I'm looking for a geodatabase design or example database for fields in a agriculture research farm

08-23-2019 02:17 PM
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Our school has a research farm with defined field boundaries that we are about to update and catalog.  What I would like to see a data model or example of how to use that to track use, changes in boundary, subsetting of boundaries through time.

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Here are a couple of links on AGOL as example only.  You can search for “agriculture” once on the site and there are hundreds of other examples that may be closer to what you are looking for.  Some of the underlying data in other examples may contain what you are looking for specifically.



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Thanks Lance but neither of these address my needs..which I may not have stated well.

My need is a data structure that captures boundaries (fields) and maintains them thru time and area changes (being broken into smaller areas for research but still part of the whole).

The one data design that comes to mind are HUCS…but was hoping someone had tackled this in a farm research facility..


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Hi Ken, to help find you some more help on this I've moved this question to the Geodatabase space where hopefully you'll find some additional help from community members with expertise in this area. 

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