I create a table in Oracle Database,but "Register with geodatabase" can not used

06-25-2015 12:57 PM
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Hello superiors:

         I create a feature table in oracle use the sql

create table GC_GRID_TEST624


  objectid    INTEGER not null,

  shape       SDE.ST_GEOMETRY,

  gwm_fno     INTEGER,

  mme_eid     INTEGER,

  area_eid    INTEGER,

  name        NVARCHAR2(250),

  code        NVARCHAR2(250),

  label       VARCHAR2(250),

  create_date DATE,

  creator     NVARCHAR2(50),

  edit_date   DATE,

  editor      NVARCHAR2(50),

  group_name  NVARCHAR2(250),

  group_code  NVARCHAR2(250),

  subarea_eid INTEGER,

  dimension   NUMBER,

  holds       NUMBER,

  render      NUMBER,

  funds       NUMBER,

  qgall       NUMBER,

  fttho_yj    NUMBER(4,1),

  lan_yj      NUMBER,

  bak         VARCHAR2(255),

  grid_type   NUMBER


then  I want to use catalog to register the table  but the funtion is Grey and can't used,why ?

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This isn't the right forum for this question. Try this one: Geodatabase

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