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How to set up security for an ArcSDE database?

09-14-2015 11:40 AM
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Hi all

I worked on an ArcSDE database in the head office of our organization. The database is shared with 5 canadian regional directions of our organization. In general, depending on what a users want to do, we set up two kind of access:

- a read access: a user will just see the data. we assign to him a read access

- a read/write access: we set up 5 regional accouts for read/write access. The read/write info are hold only by a regional representative of our organization and each regional user that want changes on datasets has to ask those info from the regional representative

Untill now, all is OK.

The problem happened when we receive an Email indication that a user from the head office deleted data in the regional datatsets. Indeed, some of the Head office employees had the regional accounts. No matter what happened before, We want to reenforce the security by doint the following:

- when a user (regional account) want to delete a data, he has to wait for an OK from the regional representative.

Is this solution technically feasible? is there other solutions that you can propose?

Thanks a lot

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