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Data interoperability connection failes with Oracle spatial relational format

09-14-2015 02:18 AM
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I'm trying to add an Interoperability Connection to an Oracle database(Oracle Locator) using Oracle Spatial Relational Format and I get this error:Error connecting to Oracle database: message was `ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied'. (serverType=`ORACLE8', serverName=`instance/database', userName=`user', password=`***', dbname=`')

Otherwise, if I choose Oracle Spatial format, I manage to connect with the same user and password but the data I retreive is incomplete.

Does anyone encountered this problem?There is something that I'm missing?

Thank you!


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Esri Notable Contributor

HI Roxana,

Can you provide a little more information for this issue:

-What version of Data Interop is being used? Is ArcGIS Desktop at the same version?

-What version is the Oracle database? Is it a geodatabase (with and SDE schema)?

-Are you using the Oracle full client or Oracle Instant Client?

-Are you able to connect to the Oracle database with SQLPlus or SQLDeveloper?

-Are you able to make a connection in ArcCatalog (outside of the Data Interop extension) and see the expected data?

This will help shed some light on the possible issue.



--- George T.
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