How to send an email to arcmap and arcgis pro users if they didn't used the app for last 90 days and revoke the access ?

09-23-2019 09:17 PM
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My department has multiple users who has license of Arc-map and ArcGIS Pro. Sometimes what happens is , the users who holds the license install the app but seldom use the app . In this occasion, we need to monitor whoever is using the license hence the app. And also we need to write some script to save last logon time to notify if a user is not been using app for last 80 days . To monitor the license , we have an exe from esri called lmutil.exe , you can monitor the license by invoking this exe from windows service or windows forms . But it will not show you whoever is actually using the app.That means , opening the app and connecting to server . I've tried to add an audit log at the database side , but again it won't satisfy my needs. 

Is there any way i can write some c# code to continuously check the usage and send email to users . 

any help would highly be appreciated . 

Thanks , 

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