How to Create a Versioned Geodatabase?

08-09-2015 07:41 PM
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I was looking for the steps on how to create a versioned geodatabase?  We will have multiple users within on geodatabase, and we would also like to mange/keep track of any edits.  Does anyone know the steps for this or where I might find them?  Also, is this only available with SDE?

Thank you!

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Versioning is available with SDE only.  Pretty easy to create; there is a little more to managing them.  I'm sure you can search versioning in help and get more than enough info.

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Here is a link to the steps for creating a versioned geodatabase.

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Versioning is only available in an enterprise geodatabase/ArcSDE.

Important Caution - if you are using File and/or Personal Geodatabases, be very careful to ensure that only one person is in one at a time.  If multiple people tap into the same File or Personal Geodatabase at the same time, it often will become corrupted.  This is surprisingly easy to do.  Clear communication is key.  Note that their is no automated, easy way to see if a File or Personal Geodatabase is in use.  Though there are some suggestions:

Is there any "Geodatabase in use" checking software out there?

Chris Donohue, GISP