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Is there any "Geodatabase in use" checking software out there?

Question asked by cdspatial Champion on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by blake.terhune

I was wondering if there are any ESRI or third-party software/solutions out there that would could be used to automatically track whether a (non-enterprise) File or Personal Geodatabase was in use, with the idea of avoiding file corruption and lock issues when two or more people accidentally try to use the geodatabase at the same time.  While we do have an Enterprise Geodatabase (SDE) here, we still rely on many file and personal geodatabases outside SDE on the server for various tasks and multiple people need to access them.


What would be optimal is a checking process that activates when a second person tries to access a geodatabase that is in use that would warn them that it is in use and who the current user was.  Something smoother than manually having to go to the geodatabase in Windows Explorer and looking for lock files (and then trying to match the computer name listed as part of the lock file name with a user).


srlock file.jpg


Is there any software/solution out there like this?





Chris Donohue, GISP