How to Change default Aliases to Field Name in Arcmap

11-18-2020 10:35 PM
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Hello Everyone,

I am working at SDE environment and I am working on feature classes via DB connection (Oracle as backend).

Whenever I add FC in my arcmap document, by Default it shows "Aliases" not only in attributes table but in all tabs like Def Query, Symobology, labeling, etc which is irritating because Aliases in in different language which I don't understand.

I have tried all the possible option to turn on the field names instead of field alias to be shown but in vain.

Is there anyone who face the similar setting before? Can anyone help me out to let me know, where I can find the option to switch aliases to field name as default? 

Need help, and thankful.



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Just looked at ArcMap; it does appear that Symbology and Labels default to the alias name.  Not aware of any setting to change it the field name when using the Symbology/Labels tab.  However, the Definition Query tab (and Query Builder) default to the field name.

I know you didn't ask about it, but you can change the Attribute Table to display the field name rather than the default alias.  Open the attribute table > click on the drop-down on the left > and uncheck the option for Show Field Aliases.


Really the only way I am aware of to set ArcMap so you always see the field name would be to change the aliases so they equal the field name; not sure if you have the privileges to do so if you are working with an enterprise GDB.

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