How do I interpret the results of upstream accumulation

11-23-2020 07:56 AM
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I am attempting to perform analysis for my sanitary sewer department at the City where I work. I want to be able to determine the amount of contribution to the system upstream from any given point in the system. I am attempting to use the "Find Upstream Accumulation" tool within the geometric network that I have created. Using the wastewater treatment plant as the only sink in the system and the length of pipes as the edge weight, I can successfully return a result with the FUA tool. I realize that there are many variables involved with this workflow and that with a more mature dataset other tools or workflows would return a more precise and useful result, but this is where I think I need to start, based on my data resources and skill level. My question is how do I interpret the number that the FUA tool returns? How can I relate the number to the sanitary system feature attributes? 

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