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File GDB content to Enterprise GDB

08-24-2015 08:54 AM
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We have a File GDB containing FDs, Tables, RCs.

How can we migrate that content into an SDE/Enterprise GDB avoiding the domain output being named as "domainValue"_1. Working on ArcGIS 10.3 desktop + server.

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The domainValue_1 will happen if a Domain with same name already exists in the Enterprise gdb.

Are you Copy\Pasting all the data together, or one by one?

If you do all the data together, then the chances of these Domain_Value_1 is less.

Alternatively, you can try exporting all the content of the File gdb as an XML file (Export to XML Workspace document) and then import the XML workspace doc into the Enterprise gdb.

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Asrujit SenGupta​ thank you!

Enterprise GDB was empty. Know that when a value already exists ArcGIS gives to the new value value_1.

Yes tried to copy all content at once.

Thought about XML export + import but was confused based on this text

Export XML Workspace Document—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

although should be the better option, thank you.

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Actually GDB (SDE) was not empty in terms of domains (did right-click on connection.sde and checked domains).

After run a script to delete GDB domains the XML export + import worked fine!

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Asrujit is correct. The domain both exists and has different values than what you are trying to import. When this happens they will get an incremented number attached to the domain. The only way around this would be either to accept that you have multiple version of a domain, or to somehow harmonize the values within the domain and get rid of any extraneous domains.

It doesn't matter which method you use to import your data - this will happen no matter what unless your target domain is identical. So - you have some manual work to do.