Error exporting data from SDE or SQLExpress replica

10-19-2018 04:53 AM
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Hi everyone. I am getting something strange. I have upgraded to ArcMap 10.6.1 and use a SDE running on a SQL database. Our GIS department uses local SQLExpress instances to create databases locally for replicas that we can edit and synchronize back to the SDE.

When we add any feature classes from either the SDE or our local replica, we get an error that states "Error exporting data. open featureclass failed". 

The funny thing is that when we select all the records and then try export, everything exports fine!! Weird!

Also, when we try do the export from Catalog it also works fine

Does anyone have any ideas?

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What was your previous version of ArcMap that worked, before the upgrade?

What are the versions of SQL Server and SQL Server Express?

--- George T.
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We just noticed a similar issue - upgraded all of our clients to desktop 10.6.1 - now we cannot export any layers from Desktop, at all, as far as I can tell via testing.

As with Rob's case, things seem ok in Catalog as far as exporting, but that doesn't work for many users, who are trying to export layers from desktop with definition queries, etc.

No SQL Express involved here, just SQLServer (2014) SDE (10.4.1) for our GIS databases.

Previously were on 10.3.1 (client), and this functionality was fine. 


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 I just realized I am having the exact same issue as Rob and Allen, within the last week upgraded desktops to 10.6.1 from 10.6.0, and we are not using SQL Express.

 When trying to export a feature class from the SQL geodatabase in ArcMAP (right-click layer):  Error exporting data. "Open featureclass failed".   Then: "Warning: Some records may not have been exported correctly".   "There was an error exporting the layer".

Same as Rob notes,.. Selecting ALL records in the feature class and then exporting works fine, as does using ArcCatalog to export to a file geodatabase.

Geodatabase is 10.6.0  on SQL Server 2016, which is less than a year old.

Very strange, have not had problems previously.


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I'm seeing the same issue. Using ArcMap 10.6.1 on a 10.6.1 enterprise geodatabase on SQL Server 2017. Can't right click, Data>Export Data to shapefile or feature class on my local desktop (just get error messages). If I select all features and then export, it works, so thanks for mentioning that Rob! Exporting via right click in ArcCatalog uses the Feature Class to Feature Class gp tool, which I haven't had any issues with in ArcCatalog or ArcMap.

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Thanks for sharing the bug info, good to know they're aware of it

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If it's the same bug, then there's a newly released patch that I described in a related post.

Looks like a ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 Exporting Data from a Layer Patch was released 2/8/2019 to resolve BUG-000115801.  You can download it from here.

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thanks for making us aware of this, shouldn't Esri be posting these bug fixes on MyEsri, or notifying clients, or something, instead of us all having to find out after the fact and search online for a fix?

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In many cases, whenever there is a new update to ArcGIS, whether the Desktop/Enterprise/etc., we do list on the Help pages what BUGS have been fixed at that release.  ArcGIS Pro uses a different model in the sense the Development Team plans for 2-3 releases a year.  When there is an update then the application can download/install the update.  Those updates/fixes are listed.  I can't speak for MyEsri or the how's/whys things are done the way they are but we do try to get the word out as best as we can.  And assist with GeoNet questions on a regular basis.