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Alias SQL Instance of Geodatabases

03-11-2019 04:06 PM
Regular Contributor

We are moving our SQL Geodatabases from a Physical Machine to a Virtual Machine.    The plan is to alias the new VM as the old Physical Server like we have done with many other SQL Servers.       It seems this should work as well with Geodatabases.   In the example below, the current instance is hpascarcdev.    The new VM instance of SQL will have a new name, but with an Alias of hpascarcdev.      The existing physical machine will be removed once this upgrade takes place. 

Thanks for any experiences that you can share.


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Esri Contributor

I attempted to set this up on my machine and was able to do so along with creating and editing new feature classes. Before committing to this, I would go through a testing procedure to make sure everything seems to be working as this does not look to be a certified approach. If you do happen to run into any issues then please reach out to Esri Tech Support. 

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