CRM data to feature class/ excel.

06-19-2019 02:50 PM
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I have spatial data in CRM Dynamic 365 web based. 

I want to eliminate a step in my script where I have to manually download CRM data in Excel format. The script takes the (manually) download excel and plots the x,y points on a map. 

Does anyone know of a way where CRM can talk directly to an Excel sheet or even a SDE. I've tried the Dynamic Excel sheet. However when I try to refresh the connections it clears all the data and does not re-populate the data. 

Is there any other way for CRM to talk to ESRI's platform ? 


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What is your CRM ? theoretically if data is in a modern database ie sql, oracle, Informix etc you should be able to see information in a spatial view. We do this here at the City.

Craig Swadner (GIS Coordinator)

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There are multiple requirements for fetching data or lead enrichment, and with python, you can easily automate the process. Python offers the possibility of a time-saving and simple process. Requests – Request library used for making HTTP requests from any website using the GET method to get the information. BeautifulSoup – Beautifulsoup library pulls out data from HTML by inspecting the website. It works with the parser to provide a way to search data from the parser tree. Pandas – Pandas is used for data analysis and data cleaning, it is the most common python library to be used in the field of data science. It deals with various data structures and methods for data manipulation.

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