Create Replica on the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar fails with a selection/query

03-15-2021 11:50 AM
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Hello.  I have a SDE database (SQL Server) and use ArcGIS 10.7.  The database includes feature classes, tables, and relationships.  I routinely use the distributed geodatabase functionality to create replicas (using the Check-out) for users that need to do offline editing.  The creation of the full replica seems to work just fine.  However, when I try to create the replica when a definition query or selection is set on one of the feature classes it fails.  I've done this before and haven't had any issues until yesterday.  I get the error message shown below.  Any thoughts on what causes this error and how to resolve?






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Did something change in the backend? e.g. Enterprise GDB upgrade? DB upgrade/patch?  Did your selection change from earlier? Did your selection contain related features earlier? 

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