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create a webgis with web app builder starting with an existing postgreSQL database

07-08-2021 06:27 AM
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Hi everyone, I am a PhD student at Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and I am currently working with an existing postgreSQL database running on a remote server in San Diego. 

I established the connection with a VPN and succesfully created the database connection in ArcGIS Pro 2.7.

I created the spatial type and enabled the database as enterprise geodatabase. I registered the tables already existing and I am able to edit them both in ArcGIS Pro and postgreSQL. I have to recreated the relationships because the foreign keys inserted in postgreSQL are not read by ArcGIS Pro. I add a new feature class and a table. Now I want to publish the geodatabase online, for example with Web App Builder that I have alredy tested publishing an ArcGIS project containing shapefiles.


I would like to publish all the entities contained in the remote geodatabase. Do I need to puslish it with ArcGIS Server? Or is there any other solution?

Thank you for the support

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In ArcGIS Pro, when you publish (Share > Web Layer), you are creating a service definition that is uploaded to either ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise ( let's assume you are using ArcGIS Online as your portal for the web gis you wish to create). The publishing process leverages off python library which are installed with ArcGIS Pro. If you are publishing to ArcGIS Online, you do not need ArcGIS Server to publish.

During the publishing process, all your data stored in postgresql will be copied and packaged with the service definition and then uploaded and stored in ArcGIS Online ( this is known as a hosted layer). ArcGIS Online (being a Software as a Service model) cannot reference your database directly (ArcGIS Enterprise via ArcGIS Server can).

Introduction to sharing web layers—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Before you publish, add ArcGIS Online as a Portal in ArcGIS Pro and sign in to it. 

Manage portal connections from ArcGIS Pro—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Let me know if you are using ArcGIS Enterprise instead of ArcGIS Online as there are some differences between the two with respect to publishing and data storage. 

Hope this helps 


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Thank you Ed,

I used ArcGIS Online in my previous tests, but I used a backup of the existing database.

Now I need to work with the database stored in an ubuntu remote server where the new data are inserted by other experts via an html page. So used a connection to the database in ArcGIS Pro and I want to publish the data contained in the database, but I need a solution to visualize the data stored in the remote database that can change.  

As you said, I need ArcGIS Enterprise via ArcGIS Server to do this. 

I have ArcGIS server installed in a windows machine and from ArcGIS Pro installed in the same machine I am able to create a server connection, but when I am using the VPN I cannot register the database in ArcGIS Server. Moreover, I tried to connect to ArcGIS Server with my laptop but it doesn't work.

Any suggestion to solve it? 

I am not familiar with ArcGIS Enterprise and Server, are there online courses or tutorial specific for what I am trying to do?

Thank you



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Hello Alessandra 

You could VPN\remote desktop into the arcgis server machine and use Pro or ArcGIS Server Manager there to register the enterprise geodatabase? 

It is very difficult to troubleshoot local VPN issues as the cause\reasons are broad and is heavily influenced by  your organizations' infrastructure, network configuration\design and most importantly, security ( for example,  it is commonplace for organizations to prohibit access into cloud environments outside of the web tier).

The best path forward to resolve your VPN issue is to request assistance from your IT department's support and network administration team.

These resources may help more generally:

Architecting the ArcGIS System: Best Practices | Esri Training Document

 ArcGIS Enterprise: Security | Learning Plan (

Cheers Ed 

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Thank you for the resources,

I have not yet solved.




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