Copying domains from one GDB to another

03-10-2015 08:09 AM
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Does anyone know a good method for copying domains from one geodatabase to another? I feel like this should be a quick and painless task.


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The only way I can see how to do it is use the Domain to Table tool and then the Table to Domain tool.

Or you could make a copy of your database, rename it, and delete the feature classes in the 'new' database.

That should just about do it....
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Here is a nice article by SSP Innovations that details this procedure very nicely:

Esri Domains 201 exporting an existing Geodatabase domain 

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In ArcGIS Pro, with two instances open you can right click on the domain and copy, then past it in to another database. 

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What version of Pro can you do this operation in?

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Second Joel's workflow. I could copy domains from an SDE to a FGDB. Loving the ease of using Pro for certain tasks (*not all). I am on Pro 2.3.1

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I'm running 2.2.0 and this only works in the same database for me; the paste option becomes greyed out when I switch to the other database.

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Interesting, if it helps I was copying from a File Geodatabase to another File Geodatabase. 

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One method that should work is to export the geodatabase to an XML file. You can designate to only export the schema and when prompted, you will exclude all the feature classes and other items. Importing the generated XML file to a fresh geodatabase should transfer all the domains over.