Convert existing Oracle Database to Enterprise GeoDatabase

06-14-2019 02:41 PM
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I have an existing Oracle database which has spatial information connected to Intergraph Geo Media. Now my company wants to move to ArcGIS Pro and I need to connect ArcGIS Pro to the same existing Oracle database. 

I am able to connect and utilize the spatial information. My question is how do I edit the spatial content in the table in an existing database?? 

As far as I know, create a query layer and connect to existing database and also register the existing Oracle database to start editing the content in the table. but when I right click on a table and go to Manage. "Register with Geodatabase" is disabled. Can some one please help me on how to edit the content in an existing Oracle database?? 


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Do you have "Geodatabase" or just a database?

Do you have ArcGIS metadata tables (GDB_ITEMS etc.)

You must have these tables if you want to register into geodatabase.

Use Create Enterprise geodatabase GP tool.

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No it is just a database which has spatial information used for GeoMedia.   When I create using Enterprise geodatabase GP Tool is it going to create a new database??  How will this existing database become Enterprise Geo database??

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When you run the Create Enterprise Geodatabase tool it will create a new schema (SDE) in the Oracle database and the required tables/procedure/triggers/etc. in that schema to enable the geodatabase functionality.

More details:

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