Connecting to a Standby/Read-Only SQL/SDE Database

01-05-2016 06:10 PM
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Hi All, I'm trying to connect to a SQL/SDE database. This database is a log shipped copy of our production data used for reporting purposes. I can connect to this database via a variety of mechanisms - management studio, excel, reporting services etc. but not through Arc. I have tried using the APPLICATIONINTENT setting but I don't think that is for this purpose. Does anyone have any ideas why I am unable to connect? In running profiler I can see connecting tries to execute some stored procedures and create some temp tables under the SDE application. Perhaps this is the cause and I simply can't connect to a read-only DB? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!



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Have you tried making a connection file using the tools,

or via

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Absolutely. Connecting to any other database (including the source for this read only copy) works fine.

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Hi Bob,

I assume that you are using SQL Server for the RDBMS. It looks like it may be possible using the following documentation:

Connections to highly available SQL Server databases—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop .

But it looks like it may not be possible in SQL Server yet to just connect a read-only geodatabase. I know that it is possible to connect to a read-only in Oracle: Connections to read-only Oracle databases—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop


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What error do you observe while connecting to the database?

Did you rename the database while restoring on your Instance?