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configuration parameter SQL fillfactor_

11-23-2021 05:06 AM
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I want to know more about SQL FillFactor, 

what I know is that SQL server DB consist of Data file (.mdf or .ndf), and data files consist of Extents also each extent have 8 pages, therefore each page takes a number or percent from 0 to 100 to write in it (which is the FillFactor) so i want to know what is the benefit for this if I change it to 50 or 80??

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

The RDBMS documentation is likely a better resource for this information than a GIS forum.

I haven't changed FillFactor in ages, but if I had a static table, I'd run it up to 100%, and if I had a dynamic table I'd set it lower (depending on the way keys were filling, and how often I was rebuilding indexes).

- V

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